Program 2020

Chocolate Man by Jagon, Honeymoon Hotel

An ice cold War Photographer, who accompanies a small group of Mercenaries in a valley, meets a little deaf girl, who will change his life forever.

Portraitiste by Cyrus Neshvad

A grandfather kindles a relationship with his dying granddaughter through art.

The Wallet by Sumitra Singh

Ayushman, is a young regular working man living in Mumbai. He prefers to complete his work and head home, hence doesn’t socialize much. One day he deviates from his pattern, this happens when he finds an unattended wallet on the morning walk. 
Being a responsible citizen, he attempts to find the owner. But after deliberate efforts when he doesn’t find one, he opens the wallet. To his surprise there is no ID in the wallet, but he finds a letter. This letter was written by Aasma to Samar in 1991, when both were young and madly in love. Ayushman tries to not to sneak into the contents of the letter, but eventually, he couldn’t control his urge and he reads the letter. The letter brings out the pain in Aasma’s heart and how riots are the real reason for their separation. 

Whitetail Bucks by DEREK TONKS

Three generations of deer hunters – Grandfather, Father, and Son – butt heads as they trek deep into an Idaho forest during the treacherous winter of 1978.

Manifesting Greatness A True Story by Raz Degan

In the 90s, a young aspiring actor struggling in NY was the last to discover he struck fame on the other side of the globe. Unbeknownst to him, he caught the hearts of many in a country he didn’t even know the language


Sandrine receives a mysterious text message, a mysterious post card in her mailbox and finds the door of her apartment opened when she arrives….

Disruted by Sunyong Bak

an unskilled laborer, the protagonist, accidentally cuts his own finger while trying to complete his task. to stop the bleeding, he wears a rubber glove and tries to cover it up, but eventually he couldn’t..

Here by Chandni Srivastava

‘Here’ is about discovering our reality by connecting with nature that co exists in a world filled with reveries and illusion. Everything is ‘Here’, we only find what we seek.

Saving Green by Natasha Redmond

While running and swimming near her jungle island home, a young girl accidentally stumbles upon the fortress camp of an army of militarized robot gorillas and must utilize the help of a mysterious woman and her bird to get her back home.

HOPE by Papa Xing,Aspirin Huang

After a hundred-year recovery plan, the earth has returned to its former vitality in all respects.

Man-made machines take care of the earth in an orderly manner. High-intelligence AI flies over the sky and scans every life passing through the forest streams.

At this time, human beings have been frozen for thousands of years in the hibernation equipment in space, and the AI equipment in the space station is being maintained in an orderly manner, providing human with the nutrient liquid needed in daily life.

Implant daily information into sleeping humans to keep the brain active. In this way, under the protection of AI, human beings wait quietly for the recovery of the earth.