FIFFLONDON September Edition 2019 Winners


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Best Short

‘HAZUG’ LIAR by Albert Kámán

A young couple spends the weekend in the country house of the boy’s family, but nothing happens according to their plans. The girl finds some incriminating evidence to suggest that her boyfriend cheated on her. All their problems they tried to sweep under the rug reveal themselves, but the girl’s accusations against her boyfriend become wilder and wilder. She tries some psychoactive drugs to ease the crucifying insecurity she feels, but the drugs just raise her doubts. She feels she goes crazy while her dreams and reality become one distorted horrible sight. The journey into the deepest inside of her soul shows the darkest secrets of her and she must face her biggest fear: her own conscience.

Best Documentary

Carracci – The Silent Revolution by Giulia Giapponesi

Subversive but disciplined, traditional but desecrating: the Carracci revolutionized the way of painting leaving a mark in the history of world art. 

The story of the three Bolognese painters is narrated by Marco Riccòmini, internationally known art advisor, formerly Director and Head of Department of Old Masters for Christie’s. 

The Carracci have been working together as a team on the walls of three magnificent historical Italian palaces: Palazzo Magnani and Palazzo Fava in Bologna and Palazzo Farnese in Rome, now headquarter of the French Ambassade in Italy.

On his voyage, between frescoed palaces, paintings and drawings, Marco meets scholars and museum curators – such as Pierre Rosenberg, formerly Director of the Louvre, Keith Christiansen, Director of Italian paintings at Metropolitan Museum of New York and Aidan-Weston Lewis, Director of the National Gallery of Scotland – to reconstruct the artistic and human journey of three artists who embody the extraordinary ability to work together, overcoming their personal limits.

A timeless value which in the film is represented not only by the masterpieces of the Carracci but also by the everyday life of three anonymous street musicians whose music is the soundtrack of the movie.

Finally, the story of the Carracci on the walls becomes a way to celebrate the strength, the patience and the faith which, up to these days, are at the core of every successful team, from business companies to rock bands.

Best Student

Summer by zeyu wang

In the southwest China countryside,the left-behind little boy Yirui lives in a small village with his grandma. After his grandma gets sick, a young delivery man starts to drive him to school everyday. In the midsummer nights, dream and reality start to fuse together. 

Best Cinematography

The Liar

Best Director

The Liar

Best Actor

‘Nightshifter’ Mike Kelson

Best Actress

The Liar’ Edit Nagyistók