FIFFLONDON NOVEMBER Edition 2019 Winners


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Best Short

‘Before Nightfall ‘ by Daniel Bushen

When a child is taken by the beast of Godwick, a young girl sets into the woods to find him only to endanger her and her families lives…

Best Documentary


In Iquitos, the neuralgic center of the peru amazonia, there is Belen, a deprecated and decadent neighborhood that floods 6 months a year due to flooding of the Amazon River. In this singular place, a Chilean photographer from a Valparaiso newspaper Raul Goycoelea and Claudio Gonzalez, social worker of the NGO Restinga, agree. The director of this documentary, Francisco Montoro, ends up completing this trident of characters that try to find answers to very internal and personal questions. So that they do not fall back into the same Trap, the fourth character, Iquitos, will help them.

Best Student

A Home for Curiositie by Ben Tobin

A young boy discovers a house full of forgotten imaginary friends. Along with his friend Alice, Wallace helps bring these curiosities back to the real world to meet new human companions.

Best Experimental


Nucleus Through his research, Falk Marna has succeeded in using bacteria to synthesize a fluid that reveals a form of communication in carbon atoms. Falk thinks he knows what guides the souls of his fellow human beings deep inside. Yolanda, his colleague, considers the stimulated state of the carbon atoms not as a conspiracy of nature but as a delusional projection of him. Falk connects the process with the experiments of Arthur Eddington in 1919 on the island of Príncipe, where he wanted to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity. Eddington was able to show the orbital light deflection using the Hyades during a solar eclipse. Falk increasingly isolates himself on his inner island Príncipe as he approaches the evidence.

Best Feature

PALINDROME by Marcus Flemmings

Struggling British queer female artist, Anna, is witness to a 
tragic event and consequently becomes a revered artist. But 
should she stop at the height of success or just end it 

The film discusses mental health, Brexit, gentrification, race and art.

This is a female strong, matriarchal tale.

Best Cinematography

‘Nucleus’ Jonas Schmieta

Best Director

‘Buka Mata (Wake)’ Risky Jusuf

Best Actor

‘A Home for Curiosities’ Nathaniel Ruth

Best Actress

‘Funeral’ Damien Boisseau