FIFFLONDON May Edition 2019 Winners


Best Short Film

Deeper by Herman Perera

When Jo discovers a hidden side to Roy’s life, she’s shocked to the point of self-destruction. She needn’t think about it, terror will take care of its own. Aaron commits an act that requires a meticulous cover up. Roy finds himself in the middle of a plight he’s sure to regret. Together, Aaron & Roy must dig deep to escape the repercussions. How best can they handle the dilemma? 

Best Experimental

Here by Ben Rountree

‘Here’ is about discovering our reality by connecting with nature that co exists in a world filled with reveries and illusion. Everything is ‘Here’, we only find what we seek.

Best Documentary

Who’s Romeo by Giovanni Covini

Southern outskirts of Milan. Gratosoglio, a muslim-majority neighbourhood. 
Four seventeen-year-old girls and two boys of the same age, Christians and Muslims, challenge themselves with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, led by a young actress. 
Are Montagues and Capulets like Christians and Muslims? 
What is the meaning of falling in love with your enemy? And who is the enemy today? 

Best Animation

Paracusia by Carolina Sandvik

A woman alone in a small flat is carrying out her daily housework when she starts hearing sounds from the other side of the wall. The neighbour’s undecipherable doings are slowly invading her enclosed space, increasingly merging with her mundane chores. She picks up the type writer and starts writing, equally triggered and distracted by the strange noises. In her struggle to map out the features and actions of the elusive character next door her own reality gradually starts to disintegrate.

Best Comedy Thriller


Sandrine receives a mysterious text message, a mysterious post card in her mailbox and finds the door of her apartment opened when she arrives….

Best Director

Robert Guy ‘Apostle’

Best Actor

Tossef ‘In the Rain’

Best Actress

Alexander miller ‘Ghosts in the ink’

Best Cinematography

‘Jessica + John | A Venetian Love Story