FIFFLONDON March Edition 2019 Winners


Best Short Film

Seven Seas by Martin-Philippe Tremblay

Seeking closure, a grieving widower sets out on a journey to the seven seas; an adventure he had originally planned with his late wife.

Best Feature Film

Soundtrack to Sixteen by Hillary Shakespeare

Maisy is obsessed with a guy who will never get with her. She is self- conscious and constantly overanalysing. But she’s sixteen and can’t help it.

Best Experimental Short Film

Unravel by Stephanie Chu

An avant-garde look into the mind and memories of a teen struggling with the aftermaths of an abusive relationship.

Best Documentary Short Film

Sedea by Daniel Smukalla

Korea’s quick growth resulted in much contrast between the old and young, the rural and the urban. This documentary visually shows the different aspects of Korean life, and is narrated over by Koreans of all ages and backgrounds that are a part of it.

Best Animation Short Film

Saving Green by Natasha Redmond

While running and swimming near her jungle island home, a young girl accidentally stumbles upon the fortress camp of an army of militarized robot gorillas and must utilize the help of a mysterious woman and her bird to get her back home.

Best Narrative Film

The Family, Your Choice by Andrea Vaccarelli

Emma and Oscar’s story is united to their best friends’ one. They share, with Eva, Diego and the connected girlfriends, happy moments, disappointments and successes. A choice will upset this enlarged family’s “routine”.

Best Director

Martin-Philippe Tremblay ‘Seven Seas’

Best Actor

Denis Larocque ‘Seven Seas’

Best Actress

Clàudia Puntí ‘Truth or Dare’

Best Cinematography

Hugo Gendron ‘Seven Seas’