FIFFLONDON June Edition 2019 Winners


Best Short Film

Gunshot in Los albaricoquès by Jeremie Schellaert

For his annual holidays, a car mechanic, passionate about westerns, goes on vacation in search of the Sergio Leone movies sets. 
From the center of France to the south of Spain, he tries to live the adventure like a cowboy. 
But on arrival the myth is confused between dream and reality ..

Best Documentary

Ladino: The Story Of A Language by Timothée Weill

This documentary is composed of interviews to try to explain what was the Sephardic community before the expulsion of the Iberian Peninsula until its reunion with Spain in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The language “ladino” currently characterizes this community.Several cities and countries have been traveled (Spain, France, Israel and Turkey) to meet institutions that preserve Ladino or create links with the Sephardic community and the members of this community.

Best Animation

I’m scared by zhou wang

A young person has written a poem about their experiences having a parent with alcohol issues. There are 700,000 children and young people aged between 10 and 17 living with parental addiction. No child should feel alone.

Best Student

Disrupted by Sunyong Bak

an unskilled laborer, the protagonist, accidentally cuts his own finger while trying to complete his task. to stop the bleeding, he wears a rubber glove and tries to cover it up, but eventually he couldn’t..

Best Feature

Yes by Rob Margolies

Based on Tim Realbuto’s critically acclaimed Off-Broadway play, YES tells the story of washed up child star Patrick Nolan, whose life was ruined when he was involved in a scandal involving a minor. Years later, Patrick becomes entranced with a 17-year-old student, who he decides to mentor. What begins as an innocent acting lesson turns into something much more intimate between two surprisingly common minds.

Best Director

Rob Margolies ‘Yes’

Best Actor

Tim Realbuto ‘Yes’

Best Actress

Sara Dunn ‘Oh My God’

Best Cinematography