FIFFLONDON July Edition 2019 Winners


Best Short

CHOCOLATE MAN by Jagon, Honeymoon Hotel

An ice cold War Photographer, who accompanies a small group of Mercenaries in a valley, meets a little deaf girl, who will change his life forever.

Best Documentary

A Century of Dreams by Ven Jemersic

“A Century of Dreams” is a full-length documentary about the oldest Slovenian inventor, Petar Florjančič, who recently celebrated 100 years. In it, the controversial Peter in his words describes a life that, as he says, is tense as Hitchcock’s films. He sees himself as a hedonist, who through his inventions created the way to a luxurious and exciting life. Among its 400 registered patents are also objects that we encounter on a daily basis, such as dia-slides, spray bottle for perfume, plastic zipper and plastic chain, knitting looms, lighter with side button …. and he is among the first airbags developers. He spent his free time with world stars such as Gene Kelly, Orson Wells, Johnny Weissmuller, Coco Chanel, Jacques Cousteau … Charlie Chaplin himself was next to his neighbor. During the period he lived in Monte Carlo, he also played a minor role in the film Vittorio De Sica with actress Marlene Dietrich. He worked and lived in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Monte Carlo and Switzerland.

Best Drama


After seven years of hopelessness and trying to have a baby, Rozhan and Zmnako get the happy news that they will have one. 
This makes Rozhan enthusiastic. On the other hand, Zmnako is sad, which makes Rozhan jealous and through his phone, finds several text messages which she thinks her husband is cheating on her. 
But later she finds out that he has cancer which made him terribly sad. 

Best Comedy


The insurance sales agent A. who was walking in the rare redevelopment complex.I am confused by the manager about the appointment time, A throws an irritated ice cream on the bike,The motorcycle slides on the ice cream, and the delivery cause B is pierced into the iron pipe which is the construction material.A who confessed that he had accidentally thrown a drink to B, he thought this by looking at B, who was angry.If you help B, you will have to take responsibility for the little ‘mistake’ you made.I’m afraid of punishing you for coming back to yourself,However, if A does not report on this unfamiliar street, B will be killed.This is an obvious murder.The state of B only becomes serious when the time is different.I do not want to be a criminal. I hate being a murderer anymore.What is the choice of A who has fallen into a situation like this?

Best Cinematography

CHOCOLATE MANYeJulian C. Steiner