FIFFLONDON December Edition 2019 Winners


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Best Short

Manifesting Greatness. A True Story by Raz Degan

In the 90s, a young aspiring actor struggling in NY was the last to discover he struck fame on the other side of the globe. Unbeknownst to him, he caught the hearts of many in a country he didn’t even know the language

Best Documentary


In Iquitos, the neuralgic center of the peru amazonia, there is Belen, a deprecated and “IN SA IA – Journey into the Sardinian Rap” by Marco Tanca is a low-budget, non-profit documentary that aims to raise awareness and promote the Sardinian rap.
Through the testimonies of the protagonists themselves, the different styles are told, to provide the viewer with an overview of the major exponents of the regional rap scene.
Scene that from the beginning has been able to establish […]

Best Student

Patang by Roger

Life of young village boy in the the city.

Best Experimental


A Mistery and Gothic Identity Thriller , with a main role Amanda (Moreno Fuentes) that after partner abandonment doubts and questions herself about being a man, a woman, a thing an Alien or a Misterious creature. She falls in a world of fantasy, in company of Elvira (Javier della Torre) , a friend in coma and Leocadia (Angel Blanco), an old-fashioned Star who is sharing with her the same […]

Best Feature

Where Is My Home by Xu Quan

Xiaodong has no parents. He lived with his grandmother from a young age. His grandmother was old and seriously ill. The grandmother’s only hope was to find a father for Xiaodong before his death. Xiaodong loves her grandmother, so he hires social idlers to fake his father. Xiaodong wants her grandmother to be happy. The grandmother who does not know the truth accepted the Malu. She left all the inheritance to him. From then on, the Malu and Xiaodong lived in together. The precocious Xiaodong and the Malu, the pair of fake fathers and sons in the daily relationship, the two slowly produced subtle father and son affectionate….

Best Cinematography

Manifesting Greatness

Best Director

Raz Degan

Best Actor

Raz Degan

Best Actress

Louissa Seth