FIFFLONDON August Edition 2019 Winners


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Best Short

The Wallet by Sumitra Singh

Ayushman, is a young regular working man living in Mumbai. He prefers to complete his work and head home, hence doesn’t socialize much. One day he deviates from his pattern, this happens when he finds an unattended wallet on the morning walk. 
Being a responsible citizen, he attempts to find the owner. But after deliberate efforts when he doesn’t find one, he opens the wallet. To his surprise there is no ID in the wallet, but he finds a letter. This letter was written by Aasma to Samar in 1991, when both were young and madly in love. Ayushman tries to not to sneak into the contents of the letter, but eventually, he couldn’t control his urge and he reads the letter. The letter brings out the pain in Aasma’s heart and how riots are the real reason for their separation. 
The pain of the letter is felt by Ayushman and he takes it upon himself to return this wallet. So, he makes all attempts to find the owner of the wallet, finding one lead after another. After a struggle of over 4 hours all roads lead to an old age home, where Aasma stays nowadays. Upon finding the letter she relives all her past memories with Ayushman. She requests Ayushman, that he should inform Samar that she is still waiting for him. After interacting with Aasma, his restlesness increases because he knows that Samar is somewhere nearby, but unsure where. He gets another clue about Samar and it turns out that he also shifted to the same old age home. Ayushman runs to meet Samar and helps them meet eachother.

Best Documentary

From 2019-2049 by Mr Blue

This is a documentary film for 2049.
This film records the views of six 25-year-old students(first year of master degree) on 27 questions. The 27 questions include history, international, social, customs and technology. All of answers, there would be no right or wrong, just a personal view in today’s social environment. 

Best Debut Student

Nowhere by Juseung Kim

The man and the woman live wandering lives.

Sometimes, they use illegal means to live.

They were in similar situation, so they sympathized with each other but soon their relationship was broken.

Best Narrative

Addiction by Lewis William Robinson

Estranged from his daughter and cut out by his father, Mike uses drugs as a doorway to escape from his painfully numbing thoughts while his brother tries to fix the pieces.

Best Cinematography

The Wallet

Best Director

The Wallet

Best Actor

The Wallet

Best Actoress

Cant Handle it’ Esther McAuley