FIFFLONDON April Edition 2019 Winners


Best Short Film

Portraitiste by Cyrus Neshvad

A grandfather kindles a relationship with his dying granddaughter through art.

Best Feature Film

Origin Bound by David Li

Howard Wang, megastar movie actor, has wealth, fame and the attention of fans worldwide. A sudden discovery of late stage lymphoma sends him crashing back to reality. Faced with impending death, Howard decides to fulfill his wish of seeing the outside world on his own terms while blogging his travels for his social media fans.

Best Experimental Film

From Dust by Ben Rountree

Best Documentary Film

Detrás De Los Hilos by Lucía  Valverde

A portrait of the embroiderers behind the artistic project ‘Entre Hilos, Alas y Pinceles’ by the painter Yudit Vidal Faife, in their day-to-day lives while they talk about their reality as women in today’s Cuban society.

Best Debut Film


Four people are living together. They call themselves ‘artist’, having gone through tough times, one by one, they achieve success in their lives except for Ye-seul.
Ye-seul is a team leader and assistant director in a media production company,
but what she wants is to make her own film.

Best Student Film

Papa-Figo by Alex Reis

An innocent practical joke between a brother and sister goes terribly wrong when a dreaded urban legend emerges from the dark realms of mythology to continue his lifelong work.

Best Director

Cyrus Neshvad ‘Portraitiste’

Best Actor

Albert  Delpy ‘Portraitiste’

Best Actress

Alyssa Zheng ‘Origin Bound’

Best Cinematography

‘Origin Bound’